Documentation required.

Mar 28, 2011 at 3:46 PM

its look nice solution but i am wondering if you have any documentation about this. Because at this point i am confused, is this feature for the CA or its for every site collection.

We have a environment  with 4 WFE and 1 App server and 2 Index & query server. If i deploy this solution then at central admin can i get the information from ULS logs corresponding to my corr ID? How can this feature grab the information from all 4 WFEs?

if its for each site collection then its not good for us because we dont give this level of information to our customer, becuase we having more then 40,000 site collections.


Please give me any documentation which you have will help me.

Once again thanks for your effort and time for a wonderful solution.



Mar 28, 2011 at 3:58 PM

Hi wagas

Thanks for the feedback!

This project is intented to help developers while creating custom sharepoint solutions on their isolated development environments. I've had some excelent feedback in the past 2 weeks to improve the tool to support multi server farms.vI don't think the solution is ready for your question at this point in time, because it reads the log files on the server you are working on... Meaning, if you install this in CA, you'll receive the logs from the application server and not from the front end server.

As soon as I've added the page in CA that you can view the logs from another server, I think this solution could help.

PS: please, always test something on dev and acceptance environment before installing something on production

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